Pro Guide Inquiry

Pro Guide Inquiry

We love Professional Guides and the wonderful experiences they offer. We want to expand our American Eagle Canoe family with Pro Guides. We will place your business and trip offerings on our website as well as promote you through our Eagles Nest newsletter and social media. Together we all grow more. Become one of our Pro Guides today.


Dealers are required to showcase the American Eagle Canoes brand at their business location and on their website. How the brand is showcased will vary with pro guide locations. Pro Guides are required to perform community outreach events that promote their business and the American Eagle Canoe brand. Evidence of the promotions must be submitted once a quarter.

Pro Guide Agreement:

Pro Guide agrees to meet above requirements. Furthermore, Pro Guide agrees to provide necessary documentation to support their status as a professional and insured guide annually.

Revocation Agreement:

American Eagle Canoes may severe Pro Guide relationship at any time for violation of above requirements. American Eagle Canoes may severe Pro Guide relationship at any time for negative impacts to the American Eagle Canoes brand or owning corporation Seaport Fabrication Incorporation. Furthermore, Seaport Fabrication Incorporated may pursue damages related to brand as result of Pro Guide actions or neglect.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the above as an American Eagle Pro Guide.

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