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America’s #1 Sport Canoe

Since 1991 American Eagle Canoes has been producing one of the most rugged and reliable sport canoes in America.

American Eagle Canoes were created to provide a reliable, stable, and dry outdoors experience for enthusiasts. Our designs track well under paddle or motor propulsion. We are one of the few brands that offer square back canoes for electric or gas outboards. Many of our customers buy recognize the benefits of our hull designs, unique available configurations, and soundness of our hull construction. Fiberglass canoes take scratches and damages from impacts taking the worries out of canoeing and last for decades. Canoes made of fiberglass are known to be abrasion-resistant and easy to repair. Few canoes can stand up to American Eagle Canoes.

Since our first design in 1991, the American Eagle Canoes team has created unique designs that cannot be found in any other canoe brand. The entrepreneurial roots of the brand continue today as we bring new products to market. Our customers feedback and ideas are always welcome. We are creative people and enjoy collaborating on special projects. It is this type of collaboration that the brand was founded on and still thrives on today.

American Eagle Canoes can be used for touring, fitness paddling, wildlife trips, day trips, multi-day trips, or fishing. Our 14 and 16 foot flat series canoes are extremely popular with fisherman with their standing platforms, storage compartments, and shallow draft that can be powered by small outboards.

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Our vision is to provide reliable canoes that enrich enjoyment of the outdoors for water enthusiasts.

Guiding Principles:

  • Reliable manufacturing processes to create reliable products
  • Rethink what a canoe can be to enrich enjoyment
  • A brand customers can trust

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