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We love creating custom designs and tailoring to provide the best experience possible for our customers. Customization may include seating arrangement, colors, add-ons, and more. We enjoy customer creativity and looking at new ways to personalize our canoes. Have an idea? Sketch it out and let’s chat!

“This thing is perfect for the NMZ or the flats. You can stand and fish and pole along the flats with incredible stability. While it has a square stern it still paddles very well. Can be setup with a trolling motor or small gas outboard. Trolling motor will push this boat along at a very quick pace. I have used it for flats fishing and duck hunting and it does well with both.”
---Captain Hook on
“I have the 15' double ender, great canoe, very stable, I can stand and pole all day. I've rigged mine with a trolling motor, its a fishing machine.”
---Johnster on
“I have the American Eagle flats package and its a sick little canoe. Its easy to car top, stabile enough to paddle/pole while standing and its outboard friendly.”
---Bruce_G on
“Fast, stable and very dry. Handles large powerboat chop quite well.”
---guest-paddler on
“This canoe makes a good river cruiser with small outboard. Fiberglass hull is a plus…”
---paddler235351 on

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