We Are Highly Supportive Of Non-Profits Focused on Conservation and Youth Development

The owners of American Eagle Canoes and Seaport Fabrication have been supporters of various non-profits in Florida and other states for over 20 years. We fondly remember learning to fish in a canoe and sail on sunfish during summer camp growing up. We grew up in 4-H and other youth programs. We have helped with artificial development off the east coast of Florida. We have served on boards of conservation non-profit and hold a special place for these types of projects and needs.

We welcome your inquiries. While we cannot afford to support every initiative, we will strive to offer something whenever possible for a cause that we personally can connect with. We do not have a dedicated non-profit support program. What we can promise is that we will consider each request and do what we can within our means.


Nathan & Kate

Sample of Organizations We Personally Have Supported