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Fiberglass Tank Fabrication for Aquaculture

American Eagle fabricates custom fiberglass products. Whether it is a small intricate Tank Fabrication aquarium, a transport tank or a 200,000-gallon exhibit pool, we can turn your aquatic dreams into reality. Aquariums and tanks can be custom built to form fit available space or create eye-catching designs that will enhance any exhibit. These custom-made products are backed by 20 years experience in custom fiberglass molding and are built to last. All products are made by experience craftspeople from high-quality materials.

Round Flat Bottom Tanks

Round Flatt Bottom Tank

These round, flat bottom tanks have many aquaculture uses. They are commonly used for wide variety of aquaculture applications, display tanks, filtration tanks, holding tanks and small ornamental ponds are but a few. These tanks are nestable (stackable) for reduced shipping cost.

Round Tanks

Cone Bottom Tanks

Our cone bottom tanks are excellent for filtration tanks as well as aquaculture production. Cone bottom tanks require a stand for support. Tanks are nestable (can insert one inside of the other) for shipping.

Square – Rectangular Fiberglass Tanks and Raceways

Square Tank Square and rectangular tanks are widely used for fry or bait tanks, but work well for pump sumps and filter tanks. Bungs and other fittings can be placed anywhere needed for any application. Sizes range from just a few gallons to many thousands of gallons. Square and rectangular tanks are not generally nestable for shipping.

Square Tanks