Random thoughts about canoes:

American Eagle Canoes a Family Owned American Manufacturer

American Eagle Canoes is a family business that has been manufacturing the finest sport canoes in the USA for nearly 20 years. Located in Cocoa Florida near the fabled Indian River Lagoon we have learned what is needed in a quality canoe. We came up with the ideas for designs and features that make American Eagle Canoes what they are by actually exploring the local waters and backwaters. The DryFloat hull designs, cleats, tie downs, seat placement, dry lockers and drainage systems were all conceived on the water and not in an office somewhere. The results are what makes American Eagle stand head and shoulders above the rest - The Finest Sport Canoes in the U.S.A.

American Eagle End Cap

American Eagle - Design meets Function

American Eagle Canoes are the finest sport canoes by design. From the location of the tie off cleats, the built in bench seats (fishing models), the size of the square sterns, to the newly styled flats series American Eagle Canoes have the equipment and features that make happy canoeing customers.

American Eagle DryFloat

The DryFloat design feature is the molded line running along the side of American Eagle canoes. This design feature helps the boat ride higher and dryer than other canoe designs. The line pushes wavy and choppy water away from the boat keeping people and things dryer. Plus the same feature causes the canoe to run higher and plane faster when under motorized power. What’s more, the DryFloat design stiffens the sides making American Eagle Canoes lighter yet stronger than other canoes weighing much more. That is something that you’ll appreciate when loading and unloading as well during portages.

DryFloat Design

American Eable Fishing Package

Rod and cup holders and side cleats are positioned comfort and easy access. The top of fishing package bench is countered for the comfort of occupant bottoms. The bench seats also make strengthening bulkheads making an already sturdy stronger yet.

Fishing Package Interior

American Eagle Aquaculture Fiberglass Tanks

American Eagle Square Aquaculture Tank

American Eagle manufactures fiberglass tanks specially designed for aquaculture applications. We have a growing list of satisfied customers in education, research and development, and industry who rely on American Eagle to build and deliver fiberglass tanks that exceed their stringent standards. We have a large and growing selection of round and square tank molds ready for immediate fabrication plus we can design a solution that is any shape and size to meet your needs.

Installation of American Eagle Fabrication Tanks

If you’re interested in all that American Eagle aquaculture tank fabrication can do for you please call us at 321-631-5850 or Click here: to send us a fabrication information request email. A trained and experienced fabrication expert will then tell you how American Eagle will best fulfill your needs.